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24-7 Beatz

Twenty 4 Seven Beatz

Twenty 4 Seven Beatz

Weekly Upload
103 (20-12-2014)


24-7Beatz Episode 100 Aniversary

Ruud van Rijen had a great party.
With broadcast number 100 of 24-7Beatz
on Radio Web.Fm

What normaly shoud be a show of 3 hours became a show of 5 hours!
Live mixed by Robin Albers (Jay-D) Rene van der Weijden (Atlantic Ocean) And Tom TB (Greece 2000)
The show host was Dj Andy Foss.

Thank you all for the great time

A special thanks goes out to all the listeners of Web.fm, Totaal.fm and VOS.fm and ofcource all the followers on Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud.

Ruud van Rijen, Robin Albers, Rene van der Weijden, Ton TB
24-7Beatz Episode 100

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Award for 20 Million Sales to Ruud van Rijen / Twenty 4 Seven at ACCELERATION TOUR 2014 (Assen, Holland)

Ruud van Rijen Awarded for the sales of more then 20 Million Sound Cariers all over the world of Twenty 4 Seven!

Stay C, David Hasselhof (Knight Rider, Baywatch) Ruud van Rijen, Li-Ann
Award Ruud van Rijen

Last Saturday I received a Golden Award At Acceleration In Assen, Holland from David Hasselhof (Knight rider/Baywatch) for the sales of more then 20 Million sound Cariers all over the world for Twenty 4 Seven!!!
Very very Proud!!!!

First of all I want to thank all the fans all over the world. You made my dream come true by buying the records and supporting me all the time.. A BIG Thank you ;-))

All the members that where in 24-7 for the last 25 years. Mc Fixx It, Nance, Captain Hollywood, jacks, Hanks, Stella, Ellen, Sharon Doorson, Thanks for all the great moments.

A very special thanks goes out to Stay-C and Li-Ann who are still rockin the stage today after 25 years!!!
Go on Guy's ;-)) You're the best!
Every time you're on stage I'm very proud ;-))))

I want to say a special thanks to Stay-C
Together we are a great couple!! We wrote many of the greatest hits. Without that..., nothing would happen as it did happen.
We made what we believe was good and we followd our hearts.
And it was the right direction. Thank you!

A special thank you goes out to all the record company's and Bookers/ Tourmanagers who did the hard work behind the scenes.

And a very, very special thank you goes out to one man Who changed my life when I heard his first radio show!!
That whas the moment I said to myself "This is what I want!!"

Thank you, Thank you, Ben Liebrand
You guided me to the right direction.
I never forgot you ;-))


Photoshoot EUROPEAN ACCELERATION 2014 TOUR Budapest Hungary

Last weekend Acceleration was in Budapest Hungary.
The first time i did join Twenty 4 seven with the tour.
We had a great weekend and a lot of sun too! I made a lot of photo´s with all the artists around and had a great time being there!

Check out all the foto´s

Stay C, Li-Ann, Ruud van Rijen, Yorick Bakker
Samantha Fox, Ruud van Rijen
Samantha Fox & Ruud van Rijen

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Making Twenty 4 Seven Plans

Making Twenty 4 Seven Plans

Ruud van Rijen, Li-Ann and Stay-C.
Twenty 4 Seven-meeting!
Great plans for 2014 and 2015, music & concerts.

Here we come world... !
Ruud van Rijen & Li-Ann & Stay C

Red 5 - I love you stop! (Ruud van Rijen Remix)

Red 5 - I love you stop! (Ruud van Rijen Remix)

An old Classic in a new 2014 remix Banger!

Release July 2014
Label: Sounds United / Housenation

Calvin Harris - Summer (Ruud van Rijen & FrankyFranklin Bootleg)

Made a Bootleg this week of
Calvin Harris - Summer

Calvin Harris - Summer (Ruudvanrijen& FrankyFranklin Bootleg)

For promotion only!

(Right Click / Save target as) to download to your computer
Download Mp3 (320)
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Twenty 4 Seven will be touring in Portugal, Spain, Italy, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia and finally Holland in october.

We will be touring with David Hasselhoff, Turbo B/Snap!, 2Unlimited, Rick Astley, DJ Sash, Vengaboys, Kim Wilde, Jacob Van Hage, Nik Kershaw, Samantha Fox and Showtek!

Join us celebrating our 25th anniversary and new show in a city near you.
We hope to see you during our tour this year.

Tour data:
25-26-27 april Portugal, Portimao
2-3-4 may Spain, Navarra
23-24-25 may Germany, Nurbergring
6/7/8 june Italy, Monza (still in negotiations)
4/5/6 July Slowakia, Slovakiaring
29/30/31 August Hongaria, Hungaroring
16/17/18 Oktober Netherlands, Assen

Ruud and David Hasselhof (Knight Rider / Baywatch)

More Photo's

Stay-C and Ruud in the RVR Music Studio


Stay C and Ruud van Rijen


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Ruud in the RVR Music Studio
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